Thank you

Two little words that mean so much.

Thank you…it’s been said that if it’s the only prayer one says, that it is enough.

It gets said often without thought or meaning, but of all the things one can say without thought or meaning, it remains harmless and possibly even helpful.

“Thank you” is what I say to my clients at the end of every phone call and at the end of every session. When I am really lucky, my client says it in return to me, sometimes even tinged with a tone, of “no really, thank YOU”. Some seem incredulous that I would thank them…after all, they were the one receiving the massage. Well, let me solve that mystery. There are so many reasons I am thankful for my clients…beyond the money. I will include that most obvious reason last.

I enjoy connecting with my clients. I’m a firm believer that massage therapy makes people nicer, and nicer people make for a nicer world. Wanting to be a part of that cycle is the only reasonable option.

I have the best job/career/trade in the world. I get to help people…EVERY time. Whether your massage therapy goal is relaxation, pain relief, stress management, it’s ALL beneficial to you. Some people have expressed to me that they only feel like they deserve a massage if they are in pain or unable to function otherwise. I think therapeutic massage is a valuable tool for pain relief and rehabilitation; but it is just as valuable and valid for relaxation purposes. Your body needs to relax. Living in a state of chronic stress means your body is only functioning on emergency reserves. You wouldn’t treat your car like that…and it IS a machine; why would you expect your body to work optimallyor at all in such conditions?

I love my career…no really, I do. I would be doing this for free if I couldn’t manage it as a career. In fact, at times when I held jobs outside my field to pay the bills, all I could think about was that I couldn’t wait to get back to working with my clients. I am blessed to be able to support my family and my life while doing something that I am passionate about AND that I enjoy. Little talked about fact, those two things don’t always overlap.

My heart says “Thank you for listening, for clicking, for making an appointment with me and allowing me the absolute pleasure of seeing you on your journey to Wellness. I am truly honored to have shared this time with you…that gets a bit long winded…so instead, I say “Thank You.”

 I am only able to live and breathe this passion through your support.


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